High-Tech Miller

GoodMills Innovation is the innovation and R&D unit of the GoodMills Group and is located in Hamburg, Germany. It is a global leader in the innovative processing of milled grain products, and in the refining and upgrading of flour properties to create value-adding products.

Innovative technologies, which are not available to conventional mills, allow GoodMills Innovation to create cereal-based products which generate real value for food-producing companies, including leading European bakeries, renowned international food manufacturers and nutritional supplement manufacturers.

GoodMills Innovation GmbH is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Using genuine grain varieties as raw materials and the latest physical refinement processes, flours with added value, pre-mixes and extrusion products come to life. All of these ingredients link health and naturalness, and are provided to artisan bakeries, industrial bakers and the food industry.

In line with its company motto “We unlock the power of grain”, GoodMills Innovation has a comprehensive knowledge base spanning grain, processing and applications, as well as the latest technologies for the refinement of grain products. Thus, the producer of innovative cereal products positions itself as a leading provider of grain-based ingredients in the “natural & clean label”, “healthy & functional” and “process flours” sectors – offering standard as well as tailor-made solutions.

The company’s comprehensive ingredients knowledge and state-of-the-art technology are the ideal prerequisites for the development of special flours. An important focus for GoodMills Innovation is substantiated grain expertise. This enables it to produce, amongst other things, products from long-forgotten grain varieties that can have a positive effect on wellbeing and gut health. The company is also committed to health research. It regularly participates in projects which focus on the health effects of grain-based food ingredients – recently, GoodMills Innovation was an industry partner in the EU-funded HealthGrain and HealthBread projects. These two initiatives were aimed at boosting dietary fibre consumption across Europe and they resulted in the development of two innovative grain-based ingredients that combine whole grain benefits with consumer indulgence.

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