Eating better – for the health of the body and the planet

GoodMills roots lie in classical milling – a traditional craft that has become highly technical over the past few decades. While modern processing methods, sophisticated equipment and advances in knowledge have opened up the path to success, we stayed connected with nature. And we are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner, bringing out the best of grains and pulses, and ensuring good nutrition and a good impact on nature and people’s lives.


With its increased focus on innovation, GoodMills aims not only to secure the nutrition of consumers in Europe by offering traditional, high-quality flour, but also to help continuously improve nutrient profiles as a raw material producer.

The demand for functional foods, i. e. products with specific health benefits, is growing steadily. Whether natural helpers for an intact immune system or in the fight against diseases of civilization such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: We conduct extensive research and are constantly on the lookout for promising raw materials with a concentrated load of secondary plant compounds.

As different as people are, so are their diets.

Read more about our “GoodNutrition” approach at GoodMills Innovation or try the products of “My Healthy Food”, our concept for personalized nutrition (currently only available for Germany and Austria).


At GoodMills, our decision-making is guided by an environmentally friendly perspective on all key areas of our activity.

With grains and pulses as our most important raw materials, representing a significant part of our value chain, environmental well-being is naturally a top priority for us.

The huge movement towards vegetarian and vegan nutrition is more than just a temporary fad. Climate change and the world’s growing population make this switch a vital necessity.


In addition to all the above, GoodMills is committed to researching and developing a wide range of plant-based food solutions beyond its traditional flour products, thereby providing healthier and more sustainable nutrition for the planet.

But we not only want to contribute to a healthier future for the planet by minimizing our impact on the environment – we also want to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate in.


Together towards a more independent and responsible life of children in need

For many years GoodMills has already been partnering with the NGO Concordia, with the common goal to provide safety and perspectives to children and young adults in need. However, in 2021 we brought this cooperation to a new level: in order to be able to have an even more targeted effect, GoodMills is Concordia’s first “Impact Angel” with the focus on the following activities:

Social Centre Sveti
Konstantin in Sofia

The daycare center for children and young adults in Sofia was constructed on the premises of our mill. GoodMills provides financial support and job opportunities for motivated and talented young people from the day center, enabling them a successful start into their professional lives.

Training bakery in

GoodMills Romania regularly provides 'free' flour to Concordia's training bakery in Ploiesti (north of Bucharest).

Additionally, GoodMills sponsors the education of baker apprentices and grants them valuable insights into the daily business of our mill.