GoodMills Group: our vision about milling and the great weight of quality in all we do

GoodMills Group is Europa’s largest milling company, with 25 flour mills spread in 7 countries: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Austria. We are currently processing 2,9 million tons of grains annually and in 2018, we generated €830 million. Our 1,600 employees are an immense contribution to our success and constant evolution.

About GoodMills Group

We manufacture high quality flour and other milling products and supply the industrial, bakery and retail clients in all the european countries we are present. We aim to make an important contribution to the nourishment of Eastern and Central Europe – sustainable, valuable and economically successful.

Our company motto is „We unlock the power of grains”, which stands for both selecting only the finest and authentic grains and making them into high quality flour and bakery products, such as maize or semolina, and also for using the most innovative machines and technologies to provide consumers and business partners with the best solutions for their nourishment needs.

The vast range of products of GoodMills Group

Starting with the traditional and advancing to specialty flour, we also have customer specific mixes and functional flours, produced from a variety of grains, such as rye, wheat, spelt, corn and durum.

We have a large portfolio of 1 kg products across our markets, made especially for local domestic consumption. Our „Power-Brands” have made a name for themselves in the countries that they have been established for many years now. In Austria, the flour is called „Fini’s Feinstes” and its correspondents in the other 6 countries are: Raftul bunicii in Romania, Basia in Poland, Sofiamel in Bulgaria, Nagyi titka in Hungary, Babiččina volba in Czech Republic, Babičkina voľba in Slovakia, Aurora, Rosenmehl, Diamant, Goldpuder, Müller’s Mühle in Germany.

The people behind our success

Every company’s success relies in the humans it employs. This is no different for GoodMills Group. We are looking for people that have a strong sense and understanding of the milling industry, the milling machines and the whole process that turns grains into high quality products such as flour, semolina or maize. Each person brings a unique experience of many years, powerful insights as consumers and a constant flow of energy and desire to keep up with the changes our industry faces throughout the years.

We are proud of every single one of the 1,600 employees that we have. In the milling industry, it is hard to find highly qualified millers, due to the fact that there is not enough information and training formation for people interested in this field. For this reason, we take the matter into our own hands and organize frequent trainings for our employees, in order to make them more aware of the fact that there are multiple factors that can affect the quality of the final products and there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made so that we can maintain a consistent superior quality.

It is with the help of these dedicated and passionate people that we manage to remain constantly aware and listen to what customers tell us that they want from our range of products. We heavily invested in talented and capable people in our group.

For GoodMills Group, this is the winning combination that helped, in the past, in the present and will help in the future to fully satisfy customers’ needs and remain at the top of the milling industry.

Our vision about milling

Through milling, cereals and grains such as wheat, rice, corn, maize or barley are grounded into flour, meaning that the grains are separated into their constituent parts.

The flour milling industry is a vivacious and vibrant sector. It combines modern technology in milling machines and the traditional skills of very good millers, all to produce a wide range of flours that meet the desires and neccesities of different consumers and bakery businesses. We thrive to bring the best outcomes in terms of flours, durum semolina and maize to the european consumers from the 7 core countries we are present.

Since flour is the main ingredient used for homemade bread, biscuits, pies, cakes, we are aware that it requires high and constant quality, in order to satisfy the enthusiastic chefs and bakers. We deliver this quality in every product we manufacture and this is what makes us the consumers’ first choice in terms of basic ingredients for home use and a reliable partner for our industrial clients.

Our 25 industrial flour mills and the 1,600 employees that are a part of GoodMills Group flawlessly select the finest and authentic grains and convert them into high quality products, such as maize, semolina and flour. We are proud to see that our products are a constant source of inspiration and help in the kitchens of all cooking lovers.

Clients nowadays demand and expect that as a grain processor, we should hold a moral obligation to have a positive impact on our environment. Those who buy our products can fully trust that we are taking solid measures that respect the human beings and the biodiversity. This is the reason why GoodMills Group and our subsidiary, GoodMills Innovations, are acknowledged as one of the industries leading milling company and innovators.

Driven by quality in all we do

We take great pride in our approach of „getting things done”, which allows us to constantly evolve and provide all our clients and stakeholders with high quality products that they need on a daily basis, in order to cook delicious baked goods based on flours, maize and semolina.

To achieve perfection in the milling industry, constant efforts are required. For example, in an effort to be able to allow everybody to enjoy baked goods, we have developed a 2abwheat, which is a rediscovered ancient variety of wheat that can be consumed by people who have a sensitivity to traditional wheat, and also by lovers of authentic foods. This 2abwheat can be largely enjoyed by any group of people, because it only contains ancient gluten and has lower levels in FODMAPs in comparison with regular bread wheat and spelt. Consider it as a stomach friendly wheat.

Plans for the future

Over the years, new acquisitions helped us grow, be it mills or new brands or even renaming our older brands. It all lead to a presence in 7 core european countries and a total of 25 mills. In the recent years, we focused our efforts into creating the most efficient, easily integrated and cost efficient supply chain for industrial, retail and bakery clients. This is an ongoing process. We are fully aware of the fact that in order to thrive and continue to be our consumers’ and business partners’ number one choice, we have to adapt to the ever-changing world that we live in. Success in the milling industry is a long-term process and we intend to keep a close eye on it in the years to come.