GoodMills Group celebrates 15 years

Under the motto “Experience the taste of today and tomorrow”, Europe’s leading mill company invited customers, partners and friends to the celebration at Fini’s Feinstes Mühle in Schwechat, where the foundation stone for the creation of the Group was laid in 1979.

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Leonhard Gollegger, Chairman of the Executive Board of the GoodMills Group, welcomed Erwin Hameseder, Chairman of Raiffeisen-Holding NÖ-Wien and President of the Supervisory Board of Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest Beteiligungs AG (LLI), and Josef Pröll, General Director of LLI, to the stage for a joint review of the milestones of the last 15 years.

15 Jahre GoodMills Group Unter dem Motto „Experience the taste of today and tomorrow“ lud die GoodMills Group zum 15-jährigen Firmenjubiläum zur Fini’s Feinstes Mühle in Schwechat. Im Bild v.l.n.r.:Josef Pröll (Generaldirektor der Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest Beteiligungs AG), Dr. Birigt Stöger (GF für Finanzen GoodMills Group), Dr. Leonhard Gollegger (GF GoodMills Group)

Tomorrow’s nutrition is “plant-based
In addition to the insight into the world of classic milling, which the guests were able to gain at first hand during guided tours of the mill, the topic of innovation – as one of the company’s strategic fields of action – was not neglected on this evening: TV chef and bestselling author Christian Henze demonstrated live during a cooking show how diverse and at the same time simple plant-based nutrition can be. Whether red lentil salad, mango couscous or semolina pancake with raspberries – “The most important thing is that it tastes good,” said Henze. Since culinary enjoyment was the focus of the evening, plant-based specialities from GoodMills Innovation, a subsidiary of the GoodMills Group, could also be tasted at the food truck.

TV chef and bestselling author Christian Henze demonstrated how easy and tasty plant-based food can be.

From a mill in Austria to the leading milling company in Europe
The path to becoming Europe’s leading flour milling company began in 1979 with the acquisition of Vonwiller Austria – now Fini’s Feinstes Mühle in Schwechat – by Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest Beteiligungs AG. In the 1990s and early 2000s, further locations followed in Hungary, Austria and Germany, and finally mills in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.
In 2008, the current occasion of the company’s anniversary, the present holding company was founded, then under the name LLI Euromills. In 2012, the name change created the identity of today’s GoodMills Group.

“Hidden champion” in the food industry
Especially in the recent past with all its challenges, the social relevance of the GoodMills Group became particularly clear: ensuring the supply of the best flour and milling products had top priority during the Corona crisis and the war in Ukraine, which caused grain prices to skyrocket to unprecedented heights.
But not only in recent years, but for decades, the company has contributed significantly to feeding more than 50 million people every day – making it a key player in the European food sector today.

GoodMills innovation as a centre of excellence for plant-based nutrition
The company also has big plans for the nutrition of the future: “We have the ambition, the concepts and the courage to help shape the nutrition of tomorrow: with innovative products that not only taste good, but at the same time offer solutions for many social challenges,” says Leonhard Gollegger.
The subsidiary GoodMills Innovation in Hamburg, where intensive research is being conducted on the development of plant-based meat alternatives made from wheat, pea or soy protein, is leading the way.