The GoodMills Group GmbH is wholly-owned by Leipnik Lundenburger Invest, which in turn belongs to the Austrian Raiffeisen Group.

Today, The GoodMills Group is the leading milling company in Europe, with a strong presence in each of the 7 country organizations.

The people behind the well-functioning of The GoodMills Group are:


DDr. Leonhard Gollegger, MBA

Chairman of the Executive Board

Responsibilities: Grain purchasing, Risk management, Sales & Marketing, Communications, Human resources
Countries: AT and CEE

Gunnar Steffek

Executive Director

Responsibilities: Operations, Innovation, Logistic, Quality Management

Countries: Germany

Dr. Birgit Stöber

Executive Director for Finance

Responsibilities: Finance, Controlling, Treasury, IT and Legal Affairs

Erwin Langela

Member of the Extended Board

Responsibilities: Quality Assurance, Production, Technology Engineering, Digitalization, Sustainability, Expansion of the Business Excellence Program