The GoodMills Group Quality Standard

Highest quality is the foremost principle in our production and is reflected in our international Quality Standards.

  1. We only buy and use grain that is healthy and of good merchantable quality.
  2. We make regular inspections of grain storage sites.
  3. We maintain the highest cleanliness and tidiness in all grain storage sites.
  4. There is proper and traceable documentation of raw materials management 
    (audit trail).
  5. We maintain accurate maintenance of process installation from grain reception to product delivery.
  6. We ensure highest cleanliness inside the production site and the surrounding areas.
  7. We provide proper storage of finished products at the production sites and 
    in all our facilities.
  8. We use only verifiable, harmless packaging materials.
  9. We are committed to continuous improvement processes (CIP) regarding 
  10. We provide regular and obligatory training and education for production personnel.