Rosenmehl (Germany)

Rosenmehl is the no. 1 flour brand in Bavaria – the Germany’s region with the highest level of homebaking. The Rosenmehl assortment comprises standard flour types, Bavarian and South German flour specialities, and semolina products.

For several generations Rosenmehl flour is part of the baking tradition of many families in Bavaria. Even today, selected local grain of the highest quality is gently milled. The experience, care and passion of our millers in the Rosenmühle as well as regular quality controls guarantee the incomparable Bavarian Rosenmehl flour quality.

Established in 1898, the Rosenmehl brand stands for homebaking family traditions cautiously passed through generations.

Rosenmehl offers a variety of flour products dedicated to caring homebaking of family recipes in Bavaria which provide for the beloved homely atmosphere:

The Rosenmehl products have premium quality, and its Rose Seal stands for pleasurable homebaking with a guarranted baking success – from generation to generation.

Rosenmehl is the most popular flour brand in bavaria and only distributed there*.


The Rosenmehl products:

Basic flour type 405 – 1kg, 2kg, 2,5kg, 2,75kg (+10% content), 5kg, 10kg.

Specialty flour 1kg: wheat type 550, type 1050, whole grain / spelt type 630, 1050, whole grain, rye type 1190 / instant flour, pizza flour, spaetzle flour and a typical Bavarian specilty: Wiener Griessler („doppelgriffig”).

Semolina 500g: durum and common wheat semolia.

*(without consideration of private label)

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