Raftul Bunicii (România)

When you bake them with love, all homemade goodies magically disappear from the table! The line of products including Raftul bunicii Flours (000 flour, 650 flour, Special flour for Cozonac), Raftul bunicii Maze and Raftul bunicii Semolina compliments every recipe. 

Prepared with a lot of attention to the quality of the each ingredient, your bakery products can become a way of expressing both your passion for baking and affection for your loved ones.

For perfectly homemade goodies, you need a trustworthy help in the kitchen. Raftul bunicii is the brand you can fully rely on when preparing meals or desserts for your family and friends.

The Raftul bunicii products:

  • Făina Superioară 000 / Superior Flour 000

It is a superior flour, smooth and puffy, with a constant quality and cristal white colours. Made from high quality Romanian wheat, with no additives or enhancers, Superior Flour 000 helps you obtain a dough that is easily kneaded and grows beautifully. For perfect homemade goodies, prepared for the loved ones, be them family or friends, it’s always good to have Raftul bunicii products nearby.

The Superior Flour 000 is ideal for cakes, pies, cookies, pie sheets.

  • Făina Superioară 000 pentru Cozonac / Superior Flour 000 for Sweet Bread

This is a white superior flour, smooth and puffy, with a constant quality, that is obtained after carefully milling high quality Romanian wheat. It does not have any additives or enhancers and you can use it to prepare smooth and aerated puffy doughs.

It is of great use it when you want to make sweet bread, traditional Easter bread and the well known romanians „mucenici”.

  • Făina Standard 650 / Standard Flour 650

This flour has a denser texture, with a constant quality, and does not have any additives or enhancers in its mix of ingredients. Obtained after the careful milling of the Romanian wheat of superior quality, the Standard Flour 650 is perfect for an elastic dough, which can be easily kneaded and grows beautifully.

This flour is ideal for: bread, pizza dough, foccacia, cookies and biscuits.

  • Mălai Extra Gold / Extra Gold Corn

Obtained from high quality Romanian corn, degenerated and with a yummy golden-yellow look, the Extra Gold Corn from Raftul Bunicii is perfectly granulated, with a constant quality and without impurities. It boils easily and gives the dishes a rich, unmistakable taste.

It is ideal for: cookies named Alivanca, polenta, foods prepared in a corn and crunchy crust, sweet corn or milk and corn, flat breads corn and special muffins with corn.

  • Griș din Grâu / Semolina

Made from high quality Romanian wheat, it is the perfect choice for preparing delicious and creamy homemade goodies. Delicate, perfectly granulated, without impurities, the wheat from grain from Raftul Bunicii is easy to prepare.

You can use it for semolina puddings, semolina dumplings, cookies or pies with milk and semolina, milk with semolina and delicious semolina rolls.

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