Nagyi titka (Hungary)

This is a reliable, high-quality range of products known in the Hungaryan market as Nagyi titka. All the products in this portfolio are made from thoroughly cleaned and carefully selected grains, and represents best choice for homemade bread and goodies.

  • Flour pizza – Fine wheat flour from special wheat that corresponds to the flour traditionally used in pizza making in Italy. The pasta made from it will be easy to raise and will be well stretched.
  • Wholegrain spelled flour – It is an ideal ingredient for homemade wholegrain salty and sweet cookies, various biscuits, and homemade wholegrain spelled breads and pastries.
  • White spelled flour – It is a surprisingly versatile type of flour, an ideal ingredient for any nutrient-rich cake or dish made for your family.
  • Shortbread cake flour – Specially ground wheat flour, which, in addition to shortbread, butter and folded dough, is an ideal ingredient for cakes, salted or sweet cookies.
  • Extra delicious cake flour – Extremely high gluten-ground wheat flour for extra delicacy, ideal for mixed or whipped pasta, but also for thickening creams and foods.
  • Dried pasta cake flour – Naturally high gluten wheat flour, which is the best choice for yeast, dough and pastry that needs to be raised.
  • Whole grain wheat flour – Thanks to its high fiber content, whole wheat flour can greatly contribute to a balanced diet for the family.
  • Wheat Bread Flour – Mixed with rye flour or wholemeal flour, or used alone, is an essential ingredient in home-made bread.
  • Clear rye flour – Rye flour, darker than wheat flour, rich in fiber and minerals, is the basis for breads, scones and honey.
  • Fine wheat flour – Its general usability and reliable high quality make this product the most popular member of Granny’s Secret product line.
  • Wheat flour Strudel – The flour which is coarser than wheat flour and has larger particle size is essentially the raw material for strudel paste.
  • Meal wheat – Intermediate product of wheat milling, wheat grout is the raw material of dumplings and sweets in traditional Hungarian cuisine.

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