Müller’s Mühle (Germany)

Müller’s Mühle is the German leading brand for pulses and manufacturer of (pseudo-) grain and rice.

The brand Müller’s Mühle is deeply anchored in the german cuisine and stands for well-being and joy. Müller’s Mühle, established in 1893, looks back on decades of tradition, experience and expertise in processing and refining pulses, rice, eatable seeds and other cereal and pseudo cereal products.

The variety of products offers a wide range of plant-based staple and convenience foods for cooking and baking delightful meals in a high brand quality. With its focus on plant-based food,  Müller’s Mühle contributes substantially to a daily balanced nutrition. Bringing added value for today and future.

With over 30% market share, Müller’s Mühle is the top leading brand in the dry pulses category in the German retail market and serves within this category the segments of lentils, beans, and peas with more than 18 different sorts in total and over 60 single SKU’s. Each and every sort of pulses offers different options for food preparation e.g. as a salad, in a bowl, or as a typical stew.

As a leader in the rice segment, Müller’s Mühle competes with 21 SKU’s mainly in the wholesale.

Additionally Müller’s Mühle is one of the leading brands in the (pseudo-) cereal category. Müller’s Mühle serves a wide range of trendy, plant-based products such as couscous, bulgur and quinoa as well as pearl barley, millet, flaxseed and popcorn.

As brand leader, Müller’s Mühle drives the bulgur segment in retail and takes in a strong second brand position in the segments couscous and pearl barley. The popular Müller’s Mühle (pseudo-)cereal products are essential ingredients for a trendy, plant-based cuisine and suitable for delicious salads, bowls, stir-fries and desserts.

Moreover, Müller’s Mühle offers other classic staple food products such as dextrose as well as the plant-based starches potato flour, sago starch and fine cornstarch. Besides the brand Müller’s Mühle with its function as an umbrella brand, the company Müller’s Mühle is also brand owner of the brand Neuss & Wilke. That operates exclusively in wholesale and offers products from all Müller’s Mühle categories solely for bulk consumers.

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