Goldpuder (Germany)

Goldpuder is the no. 1 flour brand in Southwest Germany – the Germany’s region with a high dedication to homebaking and flour dishes. The Goldpuder assortment comprises standard flour types, South German flour specialities, and semolina products.

For more than 100 years, Goldpuder has been milled in Germany. We dedicate ourselves to this tradition with passion, dedication and the highest quality standards. We use only selected grain, which is processed gently. In this way we achieve a consistently high flour quality for best baking properties.

Established in 1915, the Goldpuder brand stands for passionate and pleasurable homebaking so typical for Southwestern Germany.

Goldpuder is a traditional flour brand for everyday baking as well as baking at any special occasions which are so rooted in the Southwestern German cooking and baking culture and its sociable nature. Goldpuder products entail:

Goldpuder is an all-rounder with premium quality for everyone and everyday. It creates trust and guarrantees the baking succes – for warm and pleasurable moments.

Goldpuder is the marketleader in southwest Germany and only distributed there*.


The Goldpuder products:

Basic flour type 405 – 1kg, 2kg, 2,5kg, 2,75kg (+10% content), 5kg,

Specialty flour 1kg: wheat type 550, type 1050, whole grain / spelt type 630, 1050, whole grain, rye type 1190 / instant flour, pizza flour and a typical specialty from south-west germany: spaetzle flour

Semolina 500g: durum and common wheat semolina *(without consideration of private label)

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