Diamant (Germany)

Diamant is the most popular* brand in Germany of flour, semolina products and ready baking mixtures available for consumers in North-West-Germany:

Brand quality from tradition!

We are committed to our long tradition in the manufacture of our diamond brand flours. Only selected grain varieties are carefully milled by our experienced millers with care and dedication. With regular checks and baking tests, we ensure the highest quality standards and the best baking skills – and have been for over 100 years.

Established in 1895, the Brand Diamant stands for everyday suitability & down-to-earthness with ambition and value and is one of the oldest brands in Germany.

Diamant is the time-tested flour brand, the allrounder for every baking occasion. Valuable, with a long tradition, it offers the consumer a variety of valuable flours.

With the flour varieties and controlled flour quality, baking for your loved ones succeeds on every occasion with guarantee – every day anew. Diamant is the most popular flour brand in Germany but only distributed in northern Germany*. Diamant is also the marketleader in this region.


The Diamant products:

Basic flour type 405 – 0,5kg, 1,1kg (+10% content) and 2,5kg

Specialty flour 1kg: wheat type 550, type 1050, whole grain / spelt type 630, 1050, whole grain, rye type 1190, whole grain / instant flour

Semolina 500g: durum and common wheat semolia

Convenience – baking mixtures: 6 bread baking mixtures (500g) and 3 fine baking mixtures for waffles, pancakes and pizza dough

*(without consideration of private label)

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