Basia (Poland)

Basia is a flour brand that can help you bake your favorite delicacies in your own kitchen. The flour is made from grinding grains of carefully selected wheat, which thanks to its natural properties, increases the quality of baked goods.

We know that the type of flour used for baking matters a lot. This is why the composition of cereal species has been carefully selected to ensure the best effect every time you bake a cake, prepare a hot dish or are looking for a healthier alternative for homebaked goodies.

Basia is a new brand in the category, successfully launched on the market in 2011. It is available in different variants, each of which has a specific application:

  • Basia wheat extra cake flour type 405 – is the best flour for baking, flour with a low ash content (type 405), which is characterized by extremely bright color and velvety texture.
  • Basia Poznańska wheat flour type 500 – ideal for dumplings.
  • Basia Wrocławska wheat flour type 500 – best for pancakes.
  • Basia wholegrain wheat flour type 1850 – used to enrich all the pastries and dishes.
  • Basia wheat extra baking flour type 550 – is a natural product with high baking properties, perfect for cake yeast.
  • Basia rye flour type 720 – naturally high in fiber, which helps in the proper functioning of the intestines. It is ideal for a balanced diet, so you can keep slim for longer.

Basia Krupczatka wheat flour type 450 – perfect for shortcrust cakes.

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