Babičkina voľba(Slovakia)

A long time ago, you only had one option when it come to flour. Today, you can choose from a multiple succesful range of flour types, such as the ones belonging to the brand Babicikina volba, well known on the slovak market.

Made from carefully selected grains, these flours have a consistent quality you can rely on for all the homebaked goodies you want to try at home.

  • Smooth – The most common plain flour that you use for everyday baking and cooking, for baking cakes, gingerbread and other common desserts or for thickening sauces.
  • Polohrubá – To some extent, it can be used universally, and can be used for smooth flour. Thanks to its structure it is especially suitable for baking cakes, pies and pies.
  • Thick – It has the coarsest grain of our flour range and is invaluable when cooking. Excellent for dumplings, noodles or gnocchi
  • Cake – Extra light flour ideal for all frosted and whipped trails. It is also recommended for pancakes.
  • Sour dough – The dough makes this flour well, has a larger volume, is ductile, elastic and better in shape. It will make perfect sour buns, cakes and strudels, biscuits, Christmas, pine cones, buns, rolls or pizza.
  • Shortcrust pastry – The dough of this flour has a fine texture, does not stick and tear. It is great to prepare doughs for cutting and baking small pieces of bread, desserts and biscuits.
  • Wheat bread – Special flour for bread and bread products. Compared to common wheat flour, it is darker and contains more minerals.
  • Rye smooth – Special flour for bread and bread products, contains a wide range of minerals. Celery bread is denser than wheat bread and has a smaller volume.
  • Spelled – Flour can be replaced in whole or in part with plain plain flour. Products from this flour will be darker and denser than conventional wheat flour.
  • Spelled wholemeal – It contains all valuable ingredients from the whole grain. The flour can be used to bake both sweet and savory pastries. The products will be a bit darker and denser than ordinary flour.
  • Wheat wholegrain – An alternative to plain wheat flour. Suitable for sweet and savory pastries, breads, cakes, gingerbreads, cakes and pancakes.
  • Rye wholemeal – An alternative to plain rye flour, suitable for sweet and savory pastries, breads, gingerbreads, pancakes.

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