Babiččina volba (Czech Republic)

We carefully select the best grains from which we make various types of flours, suitable for homebaked goods. All flours have a high quality standard, on which you can rely for everyday baking and cooking.

We are using modern mill technology based on an original time-tested production process and under constant supervision of an experienced team of professionals.

  • Smooth – The most common plain flour that you use for everyday baking and cooking, for baking cakes, gingerbread and other common desserts or for thickening sauces.
  • Polohrubá – To a certain extent, it can be used universally, in dough preparation it can substitute smooth flour, due to its structure it is especially suitable for baking cakes, cakes and pies.
  • Gross – It has the coarsest grain of our flour range and is invaluable when cooking, excellent for dumplings, noodles or gnocchi.
  • Cake – Extra light flour ideal for all frosted and whipped doughs, recommended for pancakes.
  • Yeast dough – The dough rises well, has a larger volume, is ductile, elastic and keeps its shape better. Bake perfect sourdough buns, pies and strudels, biscuits, Christmas cookies, donuts, buns, rolls or pizza.
  • Shortcrust pastry – The dough of this flour has a fine texture, does not stick and does not tear. Great for preparing dough for cutting and baking small pieces of bread, cookies and biscuits.
  • Wheat bread – Special flour for bread and bread products.
  • Rye smooth – Bread flour and bread products. Celite bread is denser and has a smaller volume.
  • Špaldová – Flour can be replaced in whole or in part with plain plain flour in all recipes. Products from this flour will be a bit darker and denser than wheat flour.
  • Spelled wholemeal – It contains all valuable ingredients from the whole grain. The flour can be used for baking sweet and savory pastries, the products of this flour will be a bit darker and denser than regular flour.
  • Wheat wholegrain – An alternative to plain wheat flour, suitable for sweet and savory pastries, breads, cakes, gingerbreads, cakes and pancakes.
  • Rye wholemeal – An alternative to plain rye flour, suitable for sweet and savory pastries, breads, gingerbreads, pancakes.
  • Krupička – Suitable for semolina, dumplings or thickened soups.

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