Aurora (Germany)

Aurora is a top German brand of flour, semolina products and bread baking mixtures available for consumers in Germany:

The brand Aurora stands for harmony and perfection!

The history of the brand Aurora goes back to the year 1850. Even then, and still today, the rich experience, care and dedication of the millers make the special Aurora quality. For our flours only controlled grain is used, which is gently milled and regulary controlled by quality-checks.

Aurora is the German quality brand with the sun star. It stands for traditional, fine and creative baking with ambition and success guarantee. Thanks to a long tradition and experience, it is innovative and convenient – Sunny moments made with love.

Aurora lets you bake something good, beautiful and fine for your loved ones with success guarantee. It makes no difference wether it’s a traditional, innovative or creative recipe.

The variety of products offers a wide range of basic flour type 405 in different packaging sizes and also different types of grain, e.g. wheat, spelt and rye.

Aurora is distributed in whole Germany but only marketleader in the region central Germany* (Hessen).


The Aurora products:

Basic flour type 405 – 1kg, 2kg, 2,5kg, 2,75kg (+10% content) and 5kg

Specialty flour 1kg: wheat type 550, type 1050, whole grain / spelt type 630, 1050, whole grain, rye type 1190 / pizza flour, instant flour and bright whole grain flour

Semolina 500g: durum and common wheat semolia.

Convenience – Baking mixtures: 6 bread baking mixtures (500g)

*(without consideration of private label)

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