GoodMills Polska

GoodMills Polska is a reliable part of the GoodMills Group, the largest mill group with a presence in 7 european countries. We are a valuable supplier for the retail sector, both traditional market and modern trade, but also for large family companies and industrial customers. This makes us a key player in both B2B and B2C businesses.

Our portofolio includes only high quality products, such as: professional flours, wholegrain flours (rye, spelt, wheat), bakery flours, professional flours for HoReCa, retail flours. When it comes to wheat and rye products, we easily adapt to the needs and specifications of our clients, delivering both standard and personalized products.


What sets us appart from other important suppliers on the market?

We provide you the opportunity to deliver our products to the customer. At GoodMills Polska, we have specialized bulks, which allows us to supply multiple variants of flour at a time. At your request, we can provide the standard certificate of high quality supply of flour to attach amylogram, pharinogram or any other laboratory test results are necessary or desired. We use one single Euro pallet to deliver homogeneous and available for continuous selling products in our country.

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