GoodMills Group Leadership Profile

The GoodMills Group Leadership Profile was set up to define and guide a common corporate leadership and management approach. It lies at the heart of building a strong and shared GoodMills culture. We aim to follow these guiding principles in our day-to-day work and behaviour.

Identifies with the company

Promotes the goals of the company – within the organization and externally. Puts the company interest before personal interests. Cares for the local company as well as the GoodMills Group and demonstrates loyalty.

Understands market and customers

His/her activities reflect – in line with the company interest – the demands of the market place as well as the needs of external and internal customers. Thinks ahead and anticipates market developments. Takes intelligent risks to foster innovation.

Strives for results

Delivers on agreed objectives and acts in accordance with defined strategies. Aspires for excellence and goes the extra mile. Does not settle for average results, but aims at overachieving.


Displays leadership, credibility and integrity. Treats people with respect, appreciation and trust. Is a role model for all employees. Thinks and acts with entrepreneurship. Is capable of diagnosing complex business scenarios, recommends effective solutions and implements agreed projects. Is able to connect across departments and across the GoodMills group of companies.

Cares for employees

Energizes the employees to fully use their talent and potential. Creates an environment for people to work productively in a self-motivated manner. Promotes the development of people at all levels. Encounters people at eye level.

Networks and organizes

Builds effective organizations (structures, processes) to permanently expand the capacity to deliver results. Uses best practices in the group to optimize the local organization. Learns from people and organizations within and outside our industry.