Working at GoodMills Group

Producing safe and high-quality food is important and meaningful and our employees perform their tasks with a sense of pride and responsibility because we recognize the importance of safe and high quality food products. Our core teams are sales, operations and procurement.


In sales, customer-orientation stands at the forefront. Our employees in this area carefully observe the market, to anticipate and understand the requirements of our customers – from industrial customers, to bakeries, to end consumers – and do everything they can to support product development from this customer perspective. They find the best possible solutions for their customers and provide support as strategic partners over the long-term.


The work in our milling operations is characterised by a high focus on quality and efficiency. To be successful in this area, our employees have to possess solid technical skills and meet high quality as well as procedural demands.


The grain we purchase defines to a great extent the quality but also the costs of our products and hence the success of our business. A thorough understanding of local grain markets, excellent risk management skills and strong commercial acumen are key to success in this highly important area.

Support functions

By providing excellent support, our teams in finance, human resources, IT etc. ensure that the core areas run smoothly and efficiently. Their high skills, service orientation and professionalism make them the backbone of the company.


Training and Development

At the GoodMills Group, we distinguish between internal cross-regional training programs, such as our traineeship program, and programs that individual locations/markets develop and implement.

Individual training and personal learning also has its place in our employee development strategy and is defined on an individual level. We also engage external partners to gain access to expertise.


Job Applications

As a dynamic company with international operations, we regularly need employees in all areas. We place high demands on our employees in order to be able to further extend our and also their potential and to continue growing. For questions or direct applications please contact:

GoodMills Group GmbH
F.-W.-Raiffeisen Platz 1 
1020 Vienna Austria 
T: +43 1 535 11 24 – 0
F: +43 1 9974358