Our Values

At GoodMills, we are committed to our values – these are The 8 GoodMills GOODs:

  1. Good people and teams. Every member of our group is equally treasured and respected within the company. We put great trust in their work and the way they collaborate in teams that are united and strongly motivated to deliver the best outcome possible for our clients and suppliers.
  2. Good products. High quality products are in the core of our business. We constantly seek ways of improving the nutritional properties of our flour, semolina and maise products. Our quality is constantly stable. Our product range includes traditional flour, specialty flour, functional flour and customer-specific mixtures.
  3. Good knowledge in technology. Using modern technology, we can do things better, bigger and faster in the process of manufacturing fast moving consumer goods.
  4. Good partnership with customers and suppliers. We work towards a common purpose and that is to ensure customers and suppliers enjoy the finest flour, semolina or maise products available on the market. Their trust and respect for all of our efforts is what drives us to succeed in accomplishing their needs and desires.
  5. Good in understanding consumers. Everything we do revolves around one question: „What do consumers want to experience when they are thinking or buying our products?” We constantly strive to know their cooking needs and desires and we act accordingly.
  6. Good in innovation. Innovation is the core of evolution. We adjust to cooking and milling trends worldwide and integrate them in our everyday business.
  7. Good in getting things done. We are defined by our actions and this is the reason that we are so focused on the „getting things done” approach.
  8. Good treatment of resources. We value all the good resources we have or can get, because they help us evolve and provide consumers with products that they need on a daily basis.