About Us

The GoodMills Group GmbH is a holding company, managing seven country organizations with in total, twenty-four flour mills. It is the leading milling company in Europe, processing 2.8 million tons of grain and generating €870 million turnover (in fiscal year 2019/2020). The holding company is based in Vienna, Austria, having its local Austrian subsidiary in nearby Schwechat. Further subsidiaries are located in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The GoodMills Group combines the benefits of an international network with local knowledge of different markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Due to this know-how and regional reach, the company is able to take advantage of local and cross-border opportunities.

The GoodMills Group GmbH is wholly-owned by Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest Beteilungs AG which in turn belongs to the Austrian Raiffeisen Group. This ownership structure allows the GoodMills Group to follow a long-term oriented and value-creating business strategy.


GoodMills Group at a glance

Regional reach:     7 countries with subsidiaries, 8 export countries
Turnover:  €870 million (in fiscal year 2019/2020)
Grain processed:  2.8 million tons annually
Production units:            24 flour mills
Employees:  1,600



Responsible behavior and adherence to the existing legal requirements are of great importance to GoodMills Group as part of the group of companies of LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG. It applies to everyone, including Executive Board, managing directors, senior executives and the employees. However, in a daily life and in dealings with third parties not only legal regulations should be respected, but also ethical values which the group of companies feels obliged to meet.

The Compliance Guideline sets forth principles regarding transparent management, ethical and correct behavior as well as handling of information/corporate property, which are binding for GoodMills Group as part of the group of companies of LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG. Each single one contributes to the proper functionality of business processes and sustainable existence of the company. To foster optimal implementation of the Compliance Guideline, local Compliance Officers and Chief Compliance Officer of LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG act as contact persons.

The common understanding defined in the Compliance Guideline acts as a basis for a successful and professional cooperation both internally and externally.   

Our Compliance Guideline comprises the following sections: 
1.      Compliance with laws 
2.      Prohibition of discrimination 
3.      Fair competition 
4.      Granting and accepting of improper benefits/gifts and invitations 
5.      Conflict of interest, handling of shareholdings, secondary 
6.      Donations 
7.      Sponsorship 
8.      Protection of corporate property and non-public information