Our Products

Making quality flour is a highly complex process, requiring the management of a highly complex set of variables – this is the craft of the miller.

Our millers must know what the flour will be used for in order to design the necessary flour specifications and properties. These are achieved by careful grain selection and blending. This requires particular care and a highly developed production set-up, which includes strict controls over grain deliveries, continuous control of milled flour batches, adherence to and monitoring of the defined specifications and testing of the flour properties in our quality control laboratories.

Our product range stretches from traditional flour, to speciality flour, customer-specific mixtures, functional flour (with enhanced nutrient quantities) which is particularly beneficial to human health, and many more. Not just wheat flour but also rye and durum (for pasta). For example different types of pastry require specific flour suitable for their use. Sweet yeast dough has a different requirement of gluten than normal bread or flour for flan bases has a very specific requirement of starch content.

This range of products and services is based on hundreds of flour specifications manufactured in twenty-five mills in seven countries. The variety of mill products, both conventional and organic, is oriented according to market requirements and fulfils the demands of all our different customer segments.

The comprehensive product range of the GoodMills Group:

All GoodMills Group products are distinguished by consistent quality, the highest level of hygiene, and absolute product safety.